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NCIS Since 2011...


NCIS is a premier contemporary Japanese sushi restaurant that has been proudly serving the Taipei area and beyond since 2011. Started from a small store front in Shida night market we continue our mission to provide high-quality food for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance. Now we introduce our newest location with the same passion in the kitchen and service into one extraordinary dining experience.

德相美式加州壽司,自 2011 年熱情服務台北地區。從師大夜市的一個小店面開始至東區的熱鬧小店,我們秉持著初衷提供高品質的食物與愉快的氛圍。如今帶給您最舒適的餐廳環境,持續我們的料理魂和服務熱情,給您非凡的用餐體驗。

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